1. 16 Oz pHlourish:
16 Oz pHlourish:
16 Oz pHlourish:

16 Oz pHlourish:

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Feature: Natural Foliar Based Fertilizer Complete food for the plant that absorbed through the leaves. Plant nutrition. pHlourish is Highly Concentrated
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(8) Ounces makes (16) Gallons of pHlourish (Ratio 256:1)
Builds the Sugar/Brick levels (your buds will be the biggest kids on the block!)
Remediates Mold/Mildew – even in the drying stage. No need to spend thousands on dehumidifier systems!
Can spray up until the last week of flower!
Will not affect Lab test results!
Use of pHlourish will increase your yield and decrease your seed to harvest time!

pHlourish™ – Natural Foliar Based Fertilizer
Complete food for the plant that absorbed through the leaves
Plant nutrition
Mold / Mildew / Fungus prevention and remediation (like Southern Blight)
pHlourish Product Ingredients
Aloe Barbendensis
MELALEUCA (Australian Bark Tree)

Risks of Inorganic Fertilizers
The use of inorganic fertilizer in crop culture poses health and environmental risks.

Hence, environment-friendly fertilizer such as pHlourish becomes a significant alternative, not only to protect the environment but most importantly to safeguard the health of end-user or farmer.

What is pHlourish?
pHlourish is a blend for organic based and conventional farming. It is a nutrichemical breakthrough input and is considered as a foliar fertilizer. pHlourish is formulated from VEGETABLE, HERB & FRUIT TREE with high grade macro and micronutrients.

When used as directed, pHlourish Boasts of the following:
100 % Natural Foliar Based Fertilizer: with Micro-Macro Nutrients. Grade: N 2.91%  P 0%  K 0.02%
Sticker Property: or Rain fastness, pHlourish is easily absorbed by the foliage.
Systemic Action: pHlourish components penetrate in the leaves through the stomata and are transported to the plant’s system up to the roots.
That is why pHlourish is absorbed faster and more efficient than inorganic fertilizer.

pHlourish – Other Advantages:

Environment Friendly
Can also be applied for In-Organic Farming

Fertilization Fact
True fertilization, as advocated by J.I. Rodale noted American Scientist, does not consist of just the mere adding of chemical fertilizer in the soil but rather the maintenance of an ecologically balanced soil. An ecologically balance soil can sustain a healthy and vigorous life. And healthy plants usually productive and resistant to attack of the plant disease.

The soil is considered ecologically balanced when it contains enough of all the five needs of the crops: Air, Water, Minerals, Organic Matter/humus, Vast Community or microbial population and earthworms.

Definitely, chemical fertilizer alone cannot maintain an ecologically balanced soil, but overall components of pHlourish can help make the plants healthy and ecologically balanced.

16 Oz pHlourish: