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32 Oz Buddapest Ready to use insect repellent
32 Oz Buddapest Ready to use insect repellent

32 Oz Buddapest Ready to use insect repellent

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Ready To Use Formula (not concentrated)

Safe, all-natural protection that lasts! With countless hours of development and over three years of field testing in various climate conditions, Buddapest has proven to be an incredibly powerful alternative to toxic pest control products. Originally designed for row crop farmers in the agricultural market, Buddapest quickly became popular with green house growers too. Safe to use on all plant types, Buddapest meets and exceeds the requirements set by the EPA and is exempt from registration because of its all-natural properties. This formula does not require a wetter sticker during application, nor does it require an emulsifier. But when used with pHlourish optimum results are achieved. Buddapest can be used regularly on edible crops without effecting taste or fragrance. Effective on both indoor and field crop destroying insects such as: Russet and Spider mites, Caterpillars & Inchworms, Aphids, White flies, Thrips, Leafhoppers, Weevils, Hemp flea beetles, Hemp borers, Budworms, Cutworms, Leaf miners and many more. The Difference Buddapest is not made like other natural based products. We do not use water extracts of these powerful ingredients. Water based extracts may be easier to use in formulation, but they lose potency during the water extraction process and must be mixed with water again for application. We blend concentrated oils in our formulation such as Garlic oil, Cinnamon oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary oil and Peppermint oil. Buddapest All-Natural Insect repellent for plants has the superior edge. Truly Innovative Long-Lasting Solution!
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