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Cbd Trade Coop

Hello and thank you for visiting our site. We are a grassroots organization which began our journey in the Cannabis industry during its infancy. Although in December of 2018 we began to set our interests in the Hemp community.

We originally began as a sales force and overtime, have created partnerships in almost every area of the Hemp industry. This ranges from, shipping (locally and internationally), seeds, fertilizers, harvesting, financing, finished products, raw materials, hemp fiber and product development.

This industry can be very unforgiving but, also very rewarding. We have gone through many of the growing pains in the industry with our farmers and extraction labs. While there were many hardships and learning curves involved through these experiences, we have gained substantial knowledge of the trends and future prospects for the industry. Our most valuable asset we have is our relationships with our partners and also the knowledge of the partnerships which should be avoided.

With so many verticals involved in this industry it can be very difficult to stay current with all the details involved with each process. By providing consultation, we give our farmers and extraction labs the ability to do the things they're best at while providing a gateway for new or existing businesses looking to create and/or source raw and finished products.

We look forward from hearing from you and value your hard work and time. If you would like to become involved with our organization please feel free to drop us an email or call.

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phone: 413-438-2837


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