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There are many questions surrounding Hemp products and we have put a list of questions that have been frequently asked by customers. We will continually update this list as we receive new questions every month. If we did not provide your question, please feel free to call or send an email over to [email protected]. We love hearing from our customers.

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Can you ship your Hemp products to territories outside of the USA?

Yes and no. We have currently been shipping hemp flowers and or tinctures only within the U.S. and do have the capability to ship to outside the U.S. depending on the laws of the country. We have found the only products to be easily shipped are THC free oils and or topical s. The receiving country will typically request a Certificate of Analysis with the package ensuring the 0% THC which we provide.


What is the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum oil?

Full spectrum oil consists of all of the cannibanoids of the hemp plant including thc which is .3% below the legal limit. Broad spectrum oil has all of the cannibinoids except for THC which is then considered “T -Free” oil.

Whats better? Full spectrum or Broad spectrum?

Everybody has a different opinion on which is better and we strongly feel all the compenents of the hemp plant are beneficial. Studies have shown CBD and THC work symbiotically together within the body better than seperatley. An an analogy we like to use to describe is similar to how we may view a bowel of unsalted chicken soup.

The bowel of unsalted soup still tastes good but, if we add salt it makes the flavor more enjoyable. Now if we isolated the salt similar to what we do with CBD and packaged it up. We wouldn't have the same dynamic with all the other parts of the chicken soup. Although we do understand and agree if you are using any of these products on children. Then a THC free tincture may be exactly what is needed.

Do you sell Hemp seeds?

Yes! We sell a variety of Hemp seeds. To find seeds, use the drop down menus above and select Hemp seeds.

Is your Hemp Flower by the pound "All Natural"?

Yes, our Hemp by the pound is 100% all natural and organically grown and comes directly from our farmers. They undergo no special chemical processes, and are handled with great care before they are sent to you.

Are your Hemp flowers "Certified Organic"?

When available, only a small selection of our flowers will be certified organic. However, all of our hemp flowers are organically grown using the same practices with no pesticides but, have not gone through the certification process of becoming organically certified.

Is your Hemp flower by the pound cured and dried?

Yes, our Hemp flowers by the pound have been cured and dried. It's important to keep in mind Hemp flowers are fermenting and curing on their own naturally over time, especially with the change of ambient temperature and seasons.

What do I do if my Hemp flowers arrive dried out?

Hemp flowers are actually meant to be stored dry with a fair amount of moisture left in the flowers ready to roll. So generally speaking, your flowers will arrive with some moisture. If they do arrive dry, simply moisten the flowers lightly with a spray bottle, wet towel, or another method before handling them too much. They will absorb the water like a slow sponge and will be as good as new.

How many packs of cigarettes can I make from 1 pound of Hemp flower?

Each pound of Hemp flower will yield you approximately 1.5-2 cartons of cigarettes. This is dependent upon how fine the flowers are cut and if any trimmings from the stems are used.

I ordered 1 pound of untrimmed Hemp flower. Why after trimming does it weigh less?

We offer untrimmed flowers to our customers because it offers a high quality flower at a discounted price. Most of the leaves have fallen off naturally and each item will show the current look of what you are to expect in each shipment. You can smoke the leaves surrounding the buds or rub them off before use very easily. If you do lose any weight it is mostly due to the stem weight and water leaves surrounding the flower (buds). Overall, you should still end up with plenty of dried flower after trimming if you are looking for a prettier presentable flower.

Do you offer wholesale pricing on your Hemp flower?

Yes! Wholesale pricing starts at 10 lbs and up. Pricing is tiered, so the more you order, the cheaper it is by the pound!