This is a story about a friend who suffered from really bad sciatica pain
and a damaged knee, which ended up requiring surgery.
She was always in a lot of pain and was constantly taking Norco’s and
ibuprofen’s daily.

As with many people, she began feeling sick and irritable
from the pills and decided to look for an alternative treatment.
I suggested for her to try the Full Spectrum Hemp oil since she didn’t smoke
hemp flower and was pleased to hear she began a daily regimen. She would use
the oil three times per day while updating me daily on her progress.

I would like to mention, when she began her Hemp oil regimen, she made a common
mistake many people have made by stopping her pain medication all at once.
This is something I strongly advise NOT TO DO without the guidance of your doctor,
as this can sometimes cause serious problems. Fortunately, her doctor discovered this
rather quickly and corrected the issue and slowly eased her off the medication.

One of the first benefits she noticed prior to her knee surgery, was how the Hemp oil
helped her with her sciatica. Her sciatica pain was something she had dealt with for
years and was always present starting from her leg to lower back.

After about the third day of dosing, she said she no longer felt the pain from her
sciatic nerve and it worked better than the pain pills.
She also noticed the swelling in her knee had diminished considerably more so than
with ibuprofen and would later soon realize how effective the Hemp oil actually was.

The doctors operated on her knee and after the surgery was complete and was able to
leave the hospital. She describes the nurses reactions from each session during
physical therapy.
The nurses explained to her, that unlike other patients post knee surgery procedures,
her swelling was very minimal considering the operation while also improving faster
than patients under similar circumstances.

The nurses were very excited about the improvements she was making and asked to hear
if she was taking anything special, as they hadn't seen someone heal as quickly as her.
She simply tells the Nurse the only thing she has been doing differently is taking
Hemp oil everyday, once in the morning, afternoon and evening.

To her surprise, the nurses faces that were filled with excitement had faded quickly.
She questions if its because they either didn’t believe her, or were told to believe
something different than what
they knew about Hemp.

I hope this story may help someone who is currently looking for an alternative treatment
given similar circumstances and have noticed a huge relief from sciatica pain with the
use of Hemp Flower and Hemp Oil.
If you are suffering from sciatica I can also recommend trying acupuncture which is
another way I have personally and successfully dealt with sciatica in the past.

Please feel free to share your comments below!

Thank you.

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