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Rollie's soft pack 10 count cigarettes 1/2 Carton
Rollie's soft pack 10 count cigarettes 1/2 Carton

Rollie's soft pack 10 count cigarettes 1/2 Carton

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**Please note we will not ship smokable hemp flower to Idaho, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, South Dakota and the District of Columbia until further notice.

New 10 count soft packs are here! 

*Please note you are ordering a half carton of 100 hemp cigarettes individually wrapped in 10 count packs.

We proudly offer Rollies Brand Hemp which uses only the finest materials to ensure a high quality cigarette. Each cigarette weighs 1.3 grams with 1 Gram being hemp flower. .3 grams is the trim used as a filler and to give the cigarette an even burn This is one of the best brands on the market that has a moderate nose, and is still slightly oily.

Hemp cigarettes are taking over the tobacco market as more people are switching over from nicotine to CBD. Users find the same enjoyment of smoking cigarettes as the hand to mouth process stays exactly the same. Another big plus to smoking CBD cigarettes is the ability to smoke inside their homes without the terrible smell of nicotine left on their walls and furniture. Some users describe an enjoyable “head change” affect during smoking and could possibly be because users are experiencing the whole plant instead of the CBD products currently available on the market. This is due to the fact most CBD oils are extracted solely for its CBD which leaves out the many other compounds such as, CBDA, DELTA 8, CBNA, CBN, CBGA, CBG,THCVA, THCV, CBDVA, CBDV, CBCA and CBC. With smoking Hemp cigarettes, many of these compounds remain in the cigarette for the user to enjoy all of the elements nature intended.

10 packs per carton
10 rollies per pack
A wonderful mix of CBD and CBG creates the perfect blend for the ultimate relief. With a strong terpene profile, you'll be asking whether this is cannabis or hemp. Rest assured this is 100% legal federally compliant US Hemp! Some users actually experience a reaction similar to cannabis as some describe the experience soothing and relaxing with a slight head change. Each tube contains one 1 gram pre rolled cone.
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Patent pending Supercharged Delta 8 Cartridges fresh from the lab. These D8 cartridge's have had their molecules excited which enables our bodies to absorb them 3 times more than any other brand. This means you'll be getting the biggest bang for your buck with every hit. The biggest feedback we get on these cartridges is how clean they taste and smoke. Many people compare these to cannabis Indica strains because of their relaxing and calming effects. These are sold in 1 gram ceramic glass cartridges with the standard 510 thread. Order yours today!